Gutter cleaning is needed for many reasons. When gutters are free from debris, rain water is easily directed away from the house, which protects the foundation and the walls of the home from damage. It also prevents damage from happening to your fascia board from overweight gutters caused by downspouts being clogged. If water flows away from the home, this also helps keep pathways ice-free during the cold winter months. Gutter cleaning should be done twice a year, just before spring (prior to heavy rains) and late fall, when most trees have lost all their leaves.

Another reason to have gutter cleaning done is prevent ice dams. In the cold winter months we have in Rhode Island gutter cleaning is essential in preventing ice from forming in your gutters, then pushing up underneath your shingles. Once the ice starts to melt, there would be a chance you could have interior damage on your ceiling from the water melting leaking through the roof down onto your ceiling.

If you have streaks on your gutters, you might want to inquire about having streak removal done to make your gutters look new again. Generally, gutter streaking is caused by rain water overflowing the gutters, over time causing the streaking to occur. With the right detergents and a good soft bristled brush, the streaks can be removed and your curb appeal restored.

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