Concrete Washing Overview


SpringBrook Power Washing provides our New England customers with the highest quality of professional concrete pressure washing services. Our team of trained professionals will transform your concrete driveway to look like new again. At SpringBrook Power Washing, we only use industry-leading equipment and our cutting edge non-toxic detergents that are safe for your home and landscaping.

Our power washing professionals will then safely and effectively deep clean contaminants on your concrete. Such as grease, oil stains, mold, and dirt. Let us do the dirty work of restoring your driveway with a Professional Concrete Pressure Washing. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee backs all of our Professional Home Power Washing services. Getting a free estimate for your home is fast and easy. Call or click today; you’ll be glad you did.

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Concrete Cleaning Before

Common Concrete Washing Problems

Green Mold & Algae - Usually found on the north side of homes, decking or concrete, and anywhere that is shaded for periods during the day. It can cause or worsen allergy symptoms and respiratory problems. Mold buildup can become a fall hazard due to its slippery nature on horizontal surfaces such as concrete walkways and steps, pressure-treated wood or composite decking. Fully removable.

Black Mold - Commonly grows on shaded concrete driveways, steps, terraces, and walkways. The worst type of mold can cause allergy symptoms and respiratory problems. Fully removable.

Porous Surface - Concrete is a porous surface that naturally absorbs water. However, the concrete surface will also absorb other contaminants along with that water. These contaminants build up and form visible stains on your concrete.

Cracking Concrete - Over time, the water absorbed into the concrete will freeze during our New England winters. When the water freezes it expands, and this causes the concrete to crack. Concrete steps, patios, and walkways should be sealed yearly to preserve and protect these valuable areas at your home.

Rust Stains - Most commonly found on concrete as the result of irrigation minerals. The sooner a rust stain is taken care of, the better the chance of removal. Prevention is the best treatment.

Concrete Washing Process

Upon arriving at your home, we will make a thorough inspection of the work area to make sure no windows are open, and sensitive items are away from the work areas. We take extra precautions that our hoses do not affect any landscaping, garden areas, or other objects near the home.

Concrete Surface Cleaner

The first step is to treat the concrete driveway, pool deck, walkway or steps with a detergent that will be absorbed into the concrete. This solution will start the process of breaking down all the mold, algae, and debris living inside the concrete.

Next, we use our concrete surface cleaner. This machine provides two pressure washing nozzles inside the circular housing. This constant pressure allows our team to blast away the embedded contaminants quickly and powerfully, leaving perfect streak-free results for your concrete surfaces.

House After Professional House Washing

Finally, after doing a final rinse of the concrete surface, we perform a walk around after all our services are completed to make sure we did not miss anything. We reconnect your garden hose and leave the work area neat and orderly. We will then mail/email you an invoice, or we can accept payment on-site if someone is home. For payment, we accept personal checks, credit cards, or cash.

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You can trust SpringBrook Power Washing. With over 50,000 homes washed and more than 20 years in business in Rhode Island, Eastern Connecticut, and Massachusetts, you can count on us for upfront, honest advice regarding your project and meticulous long-lasting results. We CARE about your property and getting you the right information and services for your home. Contact SpringBrook today for results that will make your neighbors envious.

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