Having washed thousands of homes over the years we have seen many types of stains on siding and outside surfaces which just cant be removed. One of the most often seen is rust. Rust stains are commonly caused by improper installation of siding materials using bare steel hardware which is subject to rusting from the elements. Another common cause is the use of low cost galvanized steel chimney caps. This is typically seen in developments of houses where the builder chose to put an extra few thousand dollars in his pocket at the expense of the future homeowners. Over the course of a few years the heat from the furnace venting combined with furnace gases and the moisture causes the galvanized steel cap to rust causing rust streaking all the way down the side of the home. Until now there hasn’t been an effective way of removing rust staining. Products on the market in the past were either not fully effective or extremely harsh and dangerous substances. This has all changed with the development of a new product in 2019 which Springbrook Power Washing has been working on developing over the last several years. Our new product will fully AND SAFELY remove rust staining from vinyl siding, concrete and asphalt roofing materials. 

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